SCETV's At-Home Learning Zoom Series, April 23, 2020 (recording), and Common Sense edWebinar, June 22, 2020 (recording)
Packaging Digital Assignments: Creating Efficient and Easy-to-Navigate Lessons for At Home Learning
Are you adjusting to a new and unfamiliar environment of teaching and learning online and need new ways of presenting content? Moving assignments to a digital format can seem daunting, especially with the assortment of tools that are being thrown at teachers. But it doesn’t have to be! In this presentation, examine good practices for at-home learning, discover why packaging digital assignments is important and a few tips for how to do it, and explore two tools for efficiently packaging digital assignments. At the end of this presentation, viewers will feel better prepared to create digital assignments in either Google Slides, Seesaw, or both, so that students will be able to easily navigate them at home.

SCETV's 21st-Century Learners Week, July 24, 2019
#You're It: Why All 21st-Century Educators Must Teach Media Literacy & How
As we examine media literacy instruction through the lens of the Profile of the South Carolina graduate, we will discuss the need for students to be savvy consumers of information. With 39% of students’ preferred news source being social media, it is more important than ever that students are equipped with world-class skills to help them access, analyze, and evaluate all forms of information. The session will offer resources and lesson ideas that will encourage students to be not only responsible consumers but thoughtful creators and communicators in a 21st-century environment.

Upstate Technology Conference, July 9, 2019
You Are Here! Google My Maps in the Classroom
Maps are part of our daily lives. They are everywhere - in our textbooks, on our phones, and in our cars. How do we harness the power of mapping technologies as an instructional tool in our classrooms? Take mapping activities to a new level with Google’s MyMaps! Teachers and students can create dynamic, interactive and collaborative maps from their own devices! Visual aids, virtual field trips, timelines of geographic changes, and more! Join us to learn how MyMaps can enhance instruction and student learning for all content areas.

South Carolina School Boards Association, February 17, 2018
Boot Up Your Digital Learning Environment
Lexington County School District Three is in our second year in a 1:1 environment, and we will share what has made our initiative successful. District leaders will provide an overview of our initiative, share logistics and organizational tips for implementing 1:1, and provide a perspective for supporting teachers all while building instructional alignment for technology integration with district priorities and goals.

South Carolina EdTech Conference, October 25, 2017, and SCASA Instructional Technology Leaders Roundtable, December 1, 2017
Coding in the Classroom with Little Learners
By integrating content-rich coding opportunities into instruction, teachers are able to provide learning experiences that focus on critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration. These “out-of-the-box” activities engage and empower all types of student learners. Come join us to examine content-based coding in the classroom with primary and elementary age students. Session highlights will include science with Ozobots and digital storytelling with Scratch Jr. Following a brief sharing of ideas and samples, participants will spend time interacting with the Ozobot and Scratch Jr coding platforms.


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    I watched your webinar on packaging digital learning. Could you send me the slide that had all of the resource links in it. I want to check out the Slides resources, slides tip a day and the templates. Thank you. I love your stuff.

    1. The slides are linked in the top above in the title of the webinar. Please email me if you have any questions.


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