Introducing my brand new site, The Creative Tech Coach!!

Friday, August 20, 2021

Hey, y'all! After much soul searching, I decided to create a new site with a new brand and a new focus! While My Techknowledgey Classroom has been a great place for me to reflect on my teaching and use of digital tools, it was also mostly from a time when I was in a different space—in the classroom as a second grade teacher. Now, as an instructional coach, I find myself seeing things differently and finding that my focus (and perhaps my audience) has shifted. Not only that, but how we all view digital learning has shifted in the wake of a world-wide pandemic, and I have witnessed the need for a new approach to how I share tech integration strategies. I will still be offering tips and resources for teachers for integrating tech in the classroom with a focus on student learning, including updating some of my more popular content, but with more of a focus on encouraging teachers and students to use tech creatively! I will also be offering other coaches and administrators resources and content, too!

If you find yourself exploring My Techknowledgey Classroom but want new, fresh ways of integrating tech creatively with your students and teachers, please check out my brand new site, All of my original blog posts can be found there, as well as some new free resources and ideas for transforming student learning by empowering them to use technology to create meaningful products!! You can also find access to my course, Getting Starting with Google Classroom, at the new site, as well! Hope to see you at The Creative Tech Coach soon!


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