Osmo Gaming System

Thursday, February 25, 2016
More exciting news . . . I was awarded another grant! The American Immigration Council awarded me their Community Education Grant based on the Family Artifact Research Project I planned. In this inquiry-based project, students will discover how culture has contributed to the diversity of their community and country using literary and informational texts and the digital storytelling app Little Bird Tales. The project will help students develop their understanding and appreciation for culture and diversity. You can check out their post about the grant at their Immigration In and Out of the Classroom blog.

With the funds from the grant, I have purchased another iPad mini and an Osmo gaming system. Osmo is designed to work with iPad and incorporates digital learning games and hands-on play. My students have just started using it, but so far they are enjoying it immensely. I'll report more as we start using it more. But if you are interested in getting one, please purchase through my link. The first 5 people who do get $5 off, and I'll get credit, too!


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