"Flipped Learning" and My EDUC 639 Intro

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Hey, y’all! My name is Ashley Fort, and I from a small, rural town in the Midlands of South Carolina. I love living in the country and being a South Carolina native. My favorite beverage is sweet tea, and I love cooking good Southern food. I also enjoy couponing, refinishing furniture, crafting, and decorating my home. I also thoroughly enjoy reading, especially studying God's word.  

really love spending time with my family. I come from a family of teachers: my mother, an aunt, and a great-aunt were all teachers. My husband Andrew is self-employed, and we've been married for 18 years. We have 3 precious children: Liam (14), Caroline (12), and Aidan (10). I love being their first teacher and a golf mom, dance mom, and baseball mom to those wonderfully energetic little humans. 

I am pursuing a Masters in Educational Technology and Online Learning. I’ve got my plus 18, and only have 2 classes left in the program. I just finished my 4th year of 2nd grade, and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching an inclusion program for English language learners this past year.

The words that come to mind as I consider current trends shaping educational technology are “flipped learning.” Upon first learning about the flipped classroom model, I didn’t think it was something that could use. However, after additional research for this post, I realized that a modified flipped learning model could easily be implemented in the workshop models I use for math, reading, and writing instruction. I’m looking forward to implementing flipped learning in my classroom next year!


  1. Video Link by Shanna Ayer


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    1. Thanks for your response to my post, Shanna. It is great to share class with someone so close to home! I look forward to learning more about you from your introduction and throughout the course of the class! Thanks again!

  2. Ashley,
    I agree that flipped learning is certainly one of the new trends in education today for several reasons. In flipped learning, students prepare for class using technology to study (smartphones, mobile devices), and the next day they are ready to discuss the lesson. Teachers have more classroom time to teach since students completed pre-work ahead of class. Since the use of technology appeals to students, it is a win-win situation. More teaching time for teachers and most students prefer learning using technology rather than textbooks and therefore more likely to do homework.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Joe. I look forward to sharing another class with you!

  3. Thanks for your informative blog. Flipped learning is very important to addressing the needs of my students. Students can come in with a question or idea and research it on their computer or small group and learn many things in the process. I look forward to bing in this class with you.

    1. Thanks, Verne. I look forward to sharing this class with you, too!

  4. Hey Ashley,
    Here is my video response instead of a written response:)



  5. Thanks, Amanda! I'm so glad that we are sharing another class. I look forward to talking and sharing with you over the next few weeks! I hope to keep in touch even after this class is over, and I would be happy to share how flipped learning goes in my classroom next year! Thanks again, Amanda!


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